The Story About my dog Casey

On July 4th, 2022 my mom and I saved Casey's life with homeopathy!


That morning we were outside in the garden with Casey. She has a habit of chasing after wasps for some reason and eating them. She was jumping around in the grass kind of acting strange but I didn't think much about it.
I went over and saw a wasp that was mostly dead looking but I didn't want her getting stung so I squished it. I didn't realize she had likely already gotten stung. She went over into the neighbors yard just on the other side of the bushes and wasn't coming back when I called her. She doesn't always listen but I felt like something was wrong so I went to find her.
When I found her she was laying down, which is not like her as she's a very active dog. The neighbors spray their grass so I thought maybe she gotten some chemical in her mouth. I went to grab my remedies to give her Arsenicum (a homeopathic remedy for poison). When I opened her mouth to give her the remedy her gums and tongue were completely white.
I knew she was seconds away from dying.
My mom ran into the house and got her emergency kit with high potency remedies. I started giving her Carbo Veg 1M (the corpse reviver), Apis 1M (made from bee venom and specifically for anaphylaxis which is what I'm guessing happened) and Aconite 1M for the fact that it was sudden onset and for shock. I did keep giving Aresnicum 1M for poisoning as well.
I wasn't sure she was going to come back and that we weren't too late. At one point her tongue and gums were completely white, she was barely breathing, and she was starting to close her eyes.
I just kept giving the remedies one after another. And we started to see some life. First her eyes opened up, then her head slightly lifted off the ground, then her tongue and gums started getting more colour and pinking up. She started lifting her head up higher and she started panting.
This picture is just minutes after she was nearly dead.
I've never been so scared and then grateful in a matter of shear minutes ever before in my life. We literally brought my dog back to life! I can't say how freaking grateful I was for homeopathy more now than I ever have been.
Without it, she wouldn't be here. There's no way we would have made it to the vet on time, even with it being in town.
I can't stress enough how much you need these medicines in your home, and to know how to use them. I can't imagine what that day would have been like without them and I don't want to. Casey is an amazing dog. She's friendly, lovable, cuddly, and she's even nice to my daughter's bunny. She is truly the best dog and we are so very thankful she is still here �
I gave her another remedy called Carbo Oxygenatum to help the cells replenish oxygen so there's hopefully no long term damage, and we all took Aconite for the shock that we experienced.
We are all so very happy to still have her in our lives and she's doing fine thanks to homeopathy ❤

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