What is Homeopathy?

How It Works

Homeopathy seeks to correct the underlying imbalance that causes the symptoms to develop or appear in the first place. Homeopathy achieves this by strengthening the body's own defenses, thereby allowing the body to heal itself.

Homeopathy is gentle and natural and has been used worldwide for more than 200 years. It is FDA regulated and recognized by the WHO as the world's second leading system of medicine for health care. It helps to relieve symptoms, restore vitality, and improve overall health. It is well used for both acute and chronic conditions. 

Who Can Use It

Homeopathic remedies are affordable, derived from natural substances, have no side effects, and can be used by the entire family including pets and livestock. It is safe for a pregnant mother, a baby, children and the elderly. There are no documented injuries or deaths as a result of taking homeopathic medicines in over 200 years of continuous use. They can be safely taken with other conventional medications or natural healing modalities. 

Why Learn From Us

At Health As Nature Intended we have simplified the world of homeopathy to help busy mom's utilize these amazing tools in their every day lives. 
Our courses are compact yet thorough with only the necessary information and charts that can be hung inside your cabinet to make choosing the correct remedy easy. 

How Does Homeopathy Work?

Samuel Hahnemann discovered that a substance that causes symptoms in a healthy individual will heal those same symptoms in an unhealthy individual when given in a very minute amount. This is called The Law of Similars: like cures like.

An example of this is coffee. When a person first drinks a strong cup of coffee they may experience racing thoughts, palpitations, increased urine production, shaking hands, excitability, restlessness and poor sleep if drank close to bedtime. 


While coffee produces these symptoms in a healthy individual, a child with hyperactivity, agitation, racing thoughts, and sweaty, trembling hands, might receive a homeopathic preparation of coffee (known as Coffea cruda) to relieve these symptoms.

Without realizing it, conventional medicine sometimes uses the Law of Similars for its drug effects. An example of this similar to the above case is Ritalin being used for hyperactivity. Ritalin is actually a stimulant. Conventionally, it has never been explained why stimulants should calm an already over-stimulated child, but this is exactly what happens. Homeopaths simply acknowledge that it is another case of ‘like treating like’. Ritalin is a useful treatment for hyperactivity because it produces the very symptoms it treats. Conventional medicine unfortunately will produce toxic side effects while homeopathic remedies are free of this problem.

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