Emergencies are always unforeseen. . . 


Imagine seeing your spouse fall from a 9 foot wall while building his home. Imagine the instant shock you and he would both be feeling? Now imagine not having anything to offer him for support other than your voice? How would you feel? Helpless? Scared? Fearful? How would you feel if you were prepared? If you had something to offer to comfort your husband or child when they hurt themselves?

I have never been so scared in my life. My husband had just fallen from the house he was building, over 9 feet up in the air and landed onto a pile of boards. Gasping for air from the blunt force of the fall, my first instinct was to run and grab my homeopathic remedies. I'm sure the other workers there thought I was crazy giving my husband what looked like a sugar pill. They did not know the power of this medicine. I had seen how well these remedies worked for pain and trauma in the past, so I knew regardless of their thoughts that it was something I could offer to comfort him and help ease the shock and pain he must have been feeling at that moment. I was able to get him up and into our vehicle to drive to the hospital a few minutes away. Re read that. . . this man had fallen nearly 10 feet and was able to walk to get to our vehicle. Maybe not the best choice considering we found out later that he had 10 broken ribs and a minor pneumothorax (small hole in his lung) as well as contusions and hematomas. Honestly, even ask my husband now and he will tell you that he was shocked with how the remedies helped in his recovery. The best part is, they can be used alongside conventional treatments without altering the affects of them.

This is maybe an extreme example of when homeopathy can be used for first aid, but what comfort would it provide you knowing you have tools at your fingertips to help in such a severe situation? It comforted me knowing that I could help my husband. Would you like to have the knowledge and these tools in any first aid situation?  

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